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BÉLICO INDIE, the project that combines some of the youngest promising artists of the “Corridos Bélicos” genre, releases the new edition titled 'BÉLICO INDIE VOL.2.'

'BÉLICO INDIE,' surges as an escape for those talents that live for the music and make their songs resonate in bars, discos, and private parties, generating a movement that represents them in Mexico and the world, because their vision has no limits.  

To keep corridos followers excited week after week they will release a new song across all audio and video platforms. All of the corridos that make up this material will become available by October 18th.   

On July 4, the first corrido titled: “Ráfagas” with BÉLICO INDIE and SAHIR MONTOYA, will be released. Composed by Sahir and the creator of corridos felices, and one of the most outstanding artists of 'Vol.1,' OCTAVIO CUADRAS, this unedited song was written during a composition camp organized by Fonovisa Record in the city of Monterrey.  

Sixteen emerging artists who have found in “Corridos Bélicos” a form of expression in using their own lyrics and sounds comprise this second edition, including: SAHIR MONTOYA, BANDA LA REYNA DE MONTERREY, GRUPO DOBLE G, GRUPO POSSEIDO, RICARDO MURILLO, MANUEL ALEJO, LOS APALABRADOS, GRUPO EXCLUSIVO, GRUPO 3 MANDOS, LOS DE LA VÍA, PURO LC, LÍNEA G, GRUPO LA 530, the feminine touch of NXNNI, PAMELA CANTÚ and EDUARDO CARRILLO, one of the masterminds behind this initiative.


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